has additional modules that you can add on,   These include:

  • Bank Reconciliation (tracks all bank activity and helps reconciliations)
  • Purchase Order  (prints P.O.'s, tracks status, receiving function and more)
  • Payroll  (all 50 states, over 1000 deductions types and more)
  • PR Tax Table Updates (Tax rate changes
  • Aatrix State and Federal Tax forms (DE6, DE808, DE7, etc.)
  • Job Cost (handles both construction and manufacturing activity)
  • GL Report Generator (for highly customized financial statements)
  • CM Ship  (UPS & Fedex) interfaces with Worldship and Powership
  • Advanced Bill of Materials (10 level BOM plus kitting)
  • Multi-Location Inventory (great for multiple locations, lot control and more)
  • e-Commerce 
  • Credit Card Authorization  (PC Charge integration)
  • Specialty Shop (Tobacco, Liquor, convenience stores and other)
  • BarTender Label Printing Generator Software
  • Fixed Assets (tracks fixed assets and calculates deprection)
  • PDF-eXPLODE e-Doc Generator NEW!  (bulk emailer of invoices/statements)

There are also a myriad of 3rd party products available

  • Pre-written Enhanced Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Pre-written add-on's
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Modification


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Accounts Payable Module
Accounts Receivable Module
Bank Reconciliation Module
eMailing from Cougar
Excel integration

General Ledger  Module
Inventory incl. MRP      
Job Costing Module
Order Entry Module              
Payroll Module                   
Purchase Order Module            
Point of Sale Module   
Backing Up Tools
Credit Card SW
          & Merchant Accts
Credit & Collection Tools
Contact Mgt (CRM)
Data Exchg (import/export)
eCommerce Interface
           or Shopping Cart

Bar Coding Options
Fixed Assets
Fund Accounting
Forms for Cougar              
Faxing out of Cougar
Graphing for Cougar
Human Resource Tools Hardware-Computers, etc.
Internal Control Tools
Kit (Office Templates)
Lookups Enhancement
Lists (Business Lists)
Management Tools
Networking Issues
Speeding Things UP
Reporting Enhanced & Custom     
Security Tools
Shipping Tools                  
Sales Management Tools        
System Tools                    
Training Options                
Troubleshooting Tools      
Tax Tools (income & Sales Tax)
Wireless Tools









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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents